Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rite Aid Shopping Trip

I hit up Rite Aid again today. It's like crack to me, I can't stay away! :)

$5.99 Tide HE
$3.99 Shout Advanced
$11.99 Huggies P&N
-$5/20 RAQ
-$0.55 Shout MFQ
-$1.00 Shout RAQ
-$1 Tide MFQ
-$11.99 Huggies MFQ
-$1.60 Living More Discount
= $1.33 + tax

I've discovered that in addition to laundry detergent, I've also been going through laundry spray like crazy. (The only pre-wash spray I've found that gets the yellow mustard poop out of white onesies is this Shout Advanced Gel spray!) I had my free Huggies voucher from the B5G1 promo last fall that I needed to use up. When I got to the register, the cashier scanned the Living More card, which took an additional 10% off my purchase, which was awesome! (I guess it's a card for those 60+ and it takes 10% off purchases on Tuesdays. So it was my lucky day!) I'm going to buy 2 more Shout's in other transactions and then submit for this $5 rebate as well. So it's nearly a money-maker!

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