Friday, March 6, 2009

Victoria's Secret Tote

I ran to Victoria's Secret yesterday and got my free tote! I was pleasantly surprised when I went -- they let you pick any tote in the store (with a $19.95 or less price tag) and then you take it to the register with your coupon and get it for free! They had lots of cute ones, and plenty in stock.


Melissa Henning said...


Kristy said...

Hey Annalisa, thanks so much for putting together all these deals for us all...there is a FAR item you may have missed at Walgreens? It's Chromax Core 4 Life Advanced Memory Formula (a vitamin). It's regularly 19.99. Free can't be beat, especially for vitamins. And I can use all the memory help I can get after four bouts with "pregnancy brain". Thanks again,

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