Friday, March 6, 2009

Target Deals

Last night I ran to SuperTarget to price check a few things for my sister-in-law. While I was there, I browsed past the meat and soup (among other things) and noticed some good deals. I didn't even have my coupons with me (shocking, I know)! So what did I do? I printed the Target coupons directly from the Target website on the computer kiosk right inside the front doors. Did you know you can do that? Free paper, free ink, free coupons!

$4.93 Top Round Roast
$2.54 London Broil Roast
$2.71 London Broil Roast
$0.54 Market Pantry Soup x 6
-$2 Sutton & Dodge TQ x 3
-$0.50/2 Market Pantry Soup TQ x 3
$5.92 + tax

Less than six bucks for some soup and a bunch of meat! I can't wait to come up with some Menu Plan recipes for next week using these roasts and the Ritz from Walgreens!


Mona said...

I was just at the Super Target in Sandy and they now only scan ONE Target coupon per item per transaction. So I had two bags of cheetos and two Q's. Only one worked. This also happened with the Motts applesauce. It seemed to happen electronically. This doens't happen to me at regular Targets. Just wanted to give you a heads up. I was not too happy when I looked at my receipt but by then I had already loaded the kids up and they were munching the cheetos!

Annalisa said...


All of the target coupons now say one per transaction. Some cashiers will let you use more than one per transaction if you are buying reasonable quantities. For the shopping trip above, I used 3 soup TQ's and 3 meat TQ's and they all scanned through just fine at the Midvale SuperTarget.

It could just be a problem at the Sandy SuperTarget -- I would watch carefully the next time you go.

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