Friday, December 16, 2011

Amazon Diaper Deals

Amazon diaper deals have been a little slower lately since the Amazon Mom discount was dropped to 20%, but here is a good one I see right now...

Pampers Baby Dry diapers for $36.75 when you "clip" the $1 coupon on the page and subscribe & save:
  • Size 1, 276 ct ($0.13/diaper)
  • Size 2, 246 ct $0.15/diaper)
  • Size 3, 222 ct ($0.16/diaper)
  • Size 5, 172 ct ($0.21/diaper)

Keep in mind that retail price for size 3 diapers is around $0.25+ per diaper. I try to aim for half price ($0.12/diaper), but that has been hard to hit lately. These above prices are much cheaper than Sam's & Costco, and they're shipped to your door free with no tax!

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