Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday Drugstore Deals

I dropped by Rite Aid this morning for some cheap Tide! My store only had 2 bottles left of the kind I use, but I'll check back later in the week. I'm prepping myself for all the laundry a newborn creates and stocking up on the detergent now!

$5.99 Tide Free HE
$5.99 Tide Free HE
-$2 MFQ (P&G 10/30) x 2
-$5.49 +UP Rewards (previous)
= $2.49 + tax

For any of you who have been seeing detergent deals on Amazon in the last 24 hours, remember to check your price per ounce! The deal at Rite Aid this week is $0.07/ounce, which is cheaper than the Amazon deals I've seen. (They were around $0.12 for the Tide Free HE.) Remember to do your homework before you buy.

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