Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Rite Aid Shopping Trip

So even after all these years of couponing, my hubby just doesn't "get it" sometimes. This morning as he's getting ready for work, he informs me that he's completely out of his hair goop. As in, he used the last drop today. Whaaa? Doesn't he know he needs to give me at least three weeks notice so I can watch for a sale or coupon? He's picky about his brands, mind you.

Then in the next breath, he mentions that he's on his last stick of deodorant as well.

I suppose I should blame myself for not being on top of things -- but in my defense, we have different drawers in the bathroom so I don't see his product levels very often.

Alas, I decided to go to Rite Aid and blow a $3/15 coupon to stock him up enough to get me to another good sale. Here's how it went:

2/$7 Old Spice Deodorant
$4.23 Loreal Hair Putty
$2.23 Card
$4.29 Finesse Haircare
$0.00 Finesse Haircare
$1.00 Carefree
-$3/15 RAQ
-$1 Old Spice x 2 (mailer)
-$1 Finesse MFQ (SS 5/8) x 2
-$1 Carefree MFQ (SS 5/8)
-$6 +UP Rewards (previous)
= $4.75 + tax

(And I'll get back a $2 MIR (SS 5/8) for Finesse.)

Luckily the deodorant was on sale and I found a coupon in my file. Plus my 20% discount made the hair goop not too bad. I threw in some more hairspray for me, because I'm getting low. As in, I still have 2 full bottles left. (SEE, honey? That's how it's done.)

The card is for a friend in the neighborhood who's little 6 year old daughter has cancer, and they're up at Primary's this week for another round of chemo. Our ward & neighborhood is getting hit pretty hard with crises lately. If you have extra room in your prayers, send them this way.

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