Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ream's Shopping Trip & Meal Plan

I stopped by Ream's this morning (since it was next to Rite Aid) to pick up a few staples.

$2.29 Milk
$1.29 Eggs
2/$4 Heinz Ketchup
2/$3 Kraft Mac (not a good price but I was out!)
$1.69 Hunt's Manwich
$2.39 Hamburger Buns
$2.00 Bread
$1.89 Cream Cheese (this was supposed to ring up $1.39. Grr!)
$1.30 Potatoes ($0.69/lb)
$0.82 Onions ($0.39/lb)
$1.57 Apples ($0.88/lb)
$1.37 Yams ($0.79/lb)
-$0.10 sack refund
-$2 Heinz MFQ (from facebook) x 2
= $20.73 + tax

(Saved $4.10 -- 16%)

It wasn't an amazing shopping trip, but it was good enough to get me through the week.

So what am I going to cook with this?
  • Wednesday - Sloppy Joes with homemade sweet potato & regular fries (ground beef from freezer)
  • Thursday - Chicken Alfredo (using free pasta from the last Smith's mega event)
  • Friday - Hamburgers (patties in the freezer)
  • Saturday - Chicken Nachos (we never got to them last week - ended up eating leftovers that night!)
  • Monday - Bacon wrapped pork tenderloin with veggies (tenderloin in the freezer, going to buy bacon at Harmons or pricematch at Walmart)

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