Saturday, April 2, 2011

Rite Aid Shopping Trip

The Bambina got the gamboo this week. Like hardcore. She's had a running fever since Sunday night that finally broke this morning. Yowsers! So I shouldn't have been surprised when we were completely out of infant tylenol AND infant ibuprophen on Thursday morning. Since it was a nice day, I packed her into the wagon and we walked to Rite Aid for some more. (And it was my lucky day -- they were both BOGO this week! With long expiration dates!)

$8.29 Infant Tylenol
$0.00 Infant Tylenol
$6.29 Infant Ibuprophen
$0.00 Infant Ibuprophen
$0.69 Cadbury Cream Egg x 2
$0.69 Cadbury Chocolate Egg
$0.69 Snickers Egg x 3
$2.39 Sidewalk Chalk
$0.99 Egg Decorating Kit
-$2/2 Snickers printable
-$20 Gift of Savings Reward
= $0.10 + tax
(Saved $39.32 -- 99%) <--That makes me happy, lol! :)

I still had my Gift of Savings reward from last winter that was expiring at the end of April, so I used it this week. It was great timing for a stock-up of medicine (they don't expire until 2013) and Easter basket fillers! Although, I may or may not have eaten some of the chocolate on the walk home. Just sayin'.

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