Friday, April 22, 2011

Reminder: Watch Those April Adperk Videos

Tomorrow (4/23) is the last day to watch April videos to earn Video Values Coupons for Rite Aid. So don't forget to login before tomorrow night at 10 PM MST (which is when the May videos will start to appear) and finish watching them all.

If you ever have trouble watching the videos in Mozilla - try switching to Internet Explorer. It seems to help sometimes!


The Martin Family said...

Do you watch them ALL? Just wondering.

Annalisa said...

Almost never! I usually watch the ones I know I would use if a sale came up (toothpaste, diapers, haircare, makeup, etc.) and then whatever other high value ones there might be.

And sometimes I might miss one that turns out to be a good deal the next month. Oh well!

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