Friday, April 22, 2011

New Dresses From eShakti

I was in the mood for a new spring dress this week when I came across some fun new styles at eShakti. My favorite thing about eShakti is that any sleeve length, neckline or hemline can be adjusted to your liking, so any dress on their site can become a modest dress in a matter of seconds. It costs $7.50 per garment for all of the customization, but your first one is free if you've never ordered from them before.

You also get free shipping on every order over $100 (no code necessary), and you can get $20 off your first order by registering for their newsletter.

Here were a few of my favorites this week:

Salmon Ruffle Dress - $55

White Shift Dress - $60
{Is white a bad idea with a toddler? If so, someone should talk me out of this one, pronto.}

Happy Easter, everyone!

1 comment:

The Martin Family said...

White AND black are tough with kids. I'd stick with the salmon. :). Very cute btw!

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