Thursday, April 14, 2011

New e-Coupons @ Social Grocery (Facebook)

I stumbled across a new site to load e-coupons onto your store cards the other day. It's a facebook-based application called Social Grocery.

Utah readers can type their Smith's card number into the application and load e-coupons there. If you're an out of state reader, check the list of participating stores HERE, because you might have others.

Why is it beneficial to load e-coupons at more than one site?
I think it's important to load e-coupons from more than one site because it allows you to buy multiples of items and receive the discount. For example, when you go to Cellfire, you can only load one of each digital coupon onto your card. So if you buy two of that item, only one is discounted via a cellfire coupon.

However, if you load that same e-coupon onto your card at Cellfire, Shortcuts and Social Grocery, you have triple the amount of e-coupons and thus triple the buying power! Trust me, it's a good thing.

Load e-coupons onto your Smith's card at Cellfire, Shortcuts, Social Grocery, P&G eSaver, Smiths Food & Drug, and Upromise.


Umer said...
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Don & Jamie said...

I have never uploaded e-coupons to my smith's card from anywhere other than smith's site. I read your post and decided to to through a couple sites and add more coupons to my card. First I loaded coupons from cellfire, then I tried to load some of the same coupons from Social Grocery and it would pop up a box saying I had already loaded that coupon to my card. Just wanted to give others the heads up.

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