Thursday, March 10, 2011

Winco Shopping Trip

I needed quite a few things yesterday but I wasn't super excited about any one store's weekly ad this week, so I headed to Winco. I'm making another freezer meal for my Hubby's grandparents who have special dietary needs, so I needed a few specifics.

$1.98 Romaine Lettuce, 3 ct
$1.41 Broccoli Crowns ($1.78/lb)
$2.28 Asparagus ($1.98/lb)
$4.72 Sugar, 10 lbs
$2.98 Spinach
$2.10 Low Sodium Chicken Broth x 2
$3.38 Hidden Valley Ranch
$5.98 Frozen Chicken, 3 lbs
$2.98 Frigo String Cheese
$2.27 Egg Beaters x 2
$1.98 Tillamook Yogurt
$3.20 Tillamook Butter
$2.18 Frozen Blueberries
$3.06 Colby Jack Cheese
$2.48 Bar S Bacon
$0.83 Chef Boyardee x 2
$0.94 Spaghettios x 2
$1.00 Mexican Rice
$1.48 Wheat Spiral Pasta
$0.38 Hunt's Low Sodium Paste x 4
$1.52 Chicken Noodle Soup
$1.55 Fresh Ground Peanut Butter ($1.78/lb)
$1.56 Taco Sauce
$1.48 Applesauce
$2.24 Fruit Bowls
$2.38 Kellogg's Nutrigrain Bars
$0.98 Gerber Meal x 2
$1.33 Bananas ($0.52/lb)
$0.98 Don Julio Tortillas x 2
$4.02 Red Grapes ($1.98/lb)
-$2.27 Egg Beaters MFQ (anyone else get 2 of these in the mail?)
-$2.27 Egg Beaters MFQ
-$0.83 Chef Boyardee MFQ (anyone else get 2 of these in the mail?)
-$0.83 Chef Boyardee MFQ
= $68.72 + tax
(Saved $6.70)

Overall I felt like I got a lot of food for ~$70. The tortillas were a great buy, and I was in need of some more fresh ground peanut butter! Plus I can feel good about buying food I need without coupons when I'm at Winco, because I know they have such low everyday prices.

So what am I cooking this week? Here's the menu:

Last night - chicken enchiladas with homemade enchilada sauce (sooo good!)
H - best ever waffles made with half super flour (hubby out of town)
F - oatmeal pancakes (hubby out of town)
S - family party (hubby out of town)
S - family party (hubby out of town)
M - Stir fry with meat from freezer & veggies above
T - ham & cheese melts with biscuits from a few weeks ago

Have you noticed when the hubby is out of town I eat a lot of breakfast for dinner? It's true. This is because the hubby hates breakfast for dinner, so I have to get my fill while he's gone. Plus I like to freeze some healthy waffles to have on hand for The Bambina, because she loves anything slathered in syrup.

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