Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Monday Drugstore Deals

I stopped by Rite Aid yesterday to snag some great deals. Here's how they panned out.

$7.99 Blink Tears
$6.49 Cottonelle, 12-pack
$4.79 Special K Cereal
$0.00 Special K Cereal
$3.00 Motrin x 4
$1.25 Hunt's Tomatoes x 4
-$4/20 Jan Video Values Coupon
-$1 Blink MFQ
-$0.50 Cottonelle MFQ
-BOGO Special K MFQ
-$6/2 Motrin MFQ x 2
-$4 +UP (previous deal)
-$3 +UP (previous deal)
-$1 +UP (previous deal)
= $5.98 + tax
(And I got back $7.99 SCR and $11 +UP Rewards.)

Plus, I uploaded my pictures from last week but forgot to post them! On Monday last week I hit Rite Aid for free Wet Ones (can we ever have enough wipes around with a toddler? I think not).

Then I hit Walgreens to grab the free Electrasol, but they were out of stock. So I pricematched to Walmart later in the day and got each box for $1.o6. Not bad!

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