Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Buy & Save Promo @ Rite Aid

For those of you working on your Buy & Save promo at Rite Aid this month, here is a list of all participating brands. The promotion ends 1/22/11.

Here's how it works -- items throughout the store are marked with the "buy & save" decal, and count towards your total. A running total is printed on the bottom of your receipt throughout the month, and your total is tallied automatically. Once you hit the $100 mark of eligible products, your bonus $20 +UP Reward prints automatically at the bottom of your receipt.

Note: Your total is tallied based on pre-coupon prices (yay!), but the "free" item from a BOGO sale does not count toward your total.


Melissa and Allen said...

I definitely don't think I'm going to make it to $100 :( Are you?

Annalisa said...

Lol, me neither! Glad to hear I'm not alone. I'm only at $21.xx. I haven't been buying things specifically for the promo, I've just been shopping as usual and that's where I'm at.

But Rite Aid is doing the promo again for February, so we'll have another chance!

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