Thursday, December 30, 2010

FREE Vistaprint Return Address Labels

So as I was sending my Christmas cards this year, I actually ran out of return address labels! Which means I had to (*gasp*) write my return address in by hand. The horror! (Bonus points for you if you can name that novel.)

Anyway. I'm planning ahead for next year, so I just ordered a new set of 140 return address labels from Vistaprint for FREE + shipping ($3.25 for me). It comes out to a little over 2 cents per label, which is not bad. Plus Vistaprint still has tons of cute holiday designs up that I loved.

I noticed that many of Vistaprint's current promos are ending on Friday night (12/31) and midnight -- so if you're in need of some return address labels or something else fun, do it now!

Current promos all found HERE:
  • free address labels
  • free photo flip book
  • free wall or desk calendar
  • free business cards
  • free mug
  • free stamp
  • free sticky notes

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