Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wellness+ Card 10% or 20% Discounts

I wanted to mention something great happening with the Wellness+ cards! The Wellness+ program has been evolving over the year, and now Rite Aid even prints your point total at the bottom of your receipt, which I love.

I noticed when I picked up a prescription the other day, that my receipt says this:

I think Rite Aid must have realized that it was taking a long time for people to reach their tiered discount levels, so now once you reach a discount level, it's valid through the end of the following year! So I will have a 20% discount on my Wellness+ card all the way through 2011! Yay!

So if you haven't hit the 10% (500 points) or 20% (1000 points) mark yet, remember the best way to do it is to buy items that are free after manufacturer's coupons or after single check rebates and +UP Rewards. (Because items that are free after Rite Aid coupons do not count towards your total.)

So get cracking and rack up those points! Check out Rite Aid's Black Friday deals to help you score some cheap or free Wellness+ points.

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