Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rite Aid Gift Of Savings

I almost squealed when I got this email! Rite Aid is running their Gift Of Savings program once again this year!

Spend a certain amount of dollars (before rebates, but after +UP Rewards and coupons), and get a bonus gift certificate back at the end of the period!
  • Spend between $20 and $50 -- get $5
  • Spend between $51 and $100 -- get $10
  • Spend $100.01+ -- get $20
All of the rebate items (including FREE after rebate items) count for this program! Once you've entered a receipt into your SCR account, it is also entered into the gift of savings.

...So basically, this is just more free money. Thank you, Rite Aid!

1 comment:

E and A said...

wOw, i didnt do so much Rite Aid last year so i am excited to try this out. And excited to get those gift certificates.

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