Thursday, November 11, 2010

MyPicturetown - FREE Online Photo Storage

After we had our little computer scare in July, I've been looking for a good photo storage system so I don't risk losing any of our family's precious memories. I've been having a lot of trouble finding a good system...until now.

My biggest beef with just uploading all of my photos to Shutterfly or some other photo storage site like that is that you can't re-download them at full resolution. So they're saved up there, but the only way to see them again is to order prints through their site. Not super helpful.

Enter MyPicturetown by Nikon. It's a photo storage site where you can upload your photos at full resolution (tag them, organize them, make photo slideshows/videos, share them with friends, add them to facebook or blogs, etc) -- but then you can also re-download them at full resolution. A bonafide, FREE photo storage website. Yahoo! No more losing precious family photos.

Check it out HERE. You're welcome. :)

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