Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Monday Drugstore Deals

The Bambina and I hit up Rite Aid yesterday morning for free toilet paper, free soap, free diapers and free deodorant.

Transaction #1:
$8.99 Huggies Jumbo
$4.99 Charmin Basic 12-pk
$1.29 Secret Travel
$3.59 Olay Soap
$5.79 Dry Idea
$0.00 Dry Idea
$3.99 Vicks
-$5/25 RAQ
-$3 Huggies MFQ
-$1 Charmin MFQ
-$5 Secret/Olay MFQ
-$5.79 Dry Idea BOGO
-$1.50 Vicks MFQ
-$2 Vicks RAQ
-$1 VVQ off any item
-$1 VVQ off any item
-$1 +UP (from last week)
-$2.99 +UP (from last week)
-$1 +UP (from last week)
= $0.16 + tax

I saved $42.97 and I got back $5 +UP Rewards.

Transaction #2:
$1.29 Secret Deo x 3
$3.59 Olay 2-pack
$1.79 Olay 2-pack (BOGO50%)
$3.59 Olay 2-pack
$2.50 Cottonelle 4-pack
$4.99 Charmin 12-pack
$5.79 Dry Idea
$0.00 Dry Idea
-$5/25 RAQ
-$5 Secret/Olay MFQ x 3
-$1 Charmin MFQ
-$5.79 Dry Idea BOGO MFQ
-$1 +UP from last week
= $0.13 + tax

I saved $38.57 and got back $1 +UP Reward. Pretty good week for freebies at Rite Aid! Plus 99% of what I bought was stuff I actually use and need right now. Win-win.

How did everyone else do?


Melissa and Allen said...

nice! I definitely didn't do as good as you but I was pleased. I got 6 packages of diapers and 2 bottles of Gain dish soap and the 12 pack of Charmin for $22. Not bad! So were you able to use the Charmin coupon in the P&G booklet? Wasn't it for sensitive only?

Annalisa said...

Good work! I had some Charmin coupons from some home mailers, as well as $1 Charmin MFQ's from the old P&G booklet, which are valid on any Charmin. I think just the new ones are for Sensitive. (Lucky me!)

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