Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Monday Drugstore Deals - And Some Sad News

I hit Rite Aid bright and early yesterday morning. I literally got there at 8:05 am and they were already out of Gillette bodywash. :( But I still managed a good run!

$8.99 Huggies Diapers
$2.99 Old Spice Bodywash
$2.99 Old Spice Bodywash
$2.49 Herbal Essence
$2.49 Herbal Essence
$1.99 Bayer Aspirin
-$5/20 RAQ
-$3 Huggies MFQ (mailer)

-$1 Huggies RAQ
-BOGO Old Spice MFQ

-$1/2 Old Spice MFQ

-$1 Herbal Essence MFQ

-$1 Herbal Essence MFQ

-$1 Bayer MFQ

-$1 Bayer in-ad RAQ

$4.95 + tax
(And I'll get back $5.99 SCR.)

Yay for free diapers! I've got 3 packs towards my B5G1 voucher, so I just need two more in the upcoming weeks to qualify. Should be a no-brainer!

While I was at the Rite Aid closest to my home this week I stumbled across something very saddening. As I came around the end of the diaper aisle, there was a large display of Huggies wipes. What caught my eye was that every one of the Huggies Rewards codes had been peeled off the front of each package. I kid you not -- every single one.

I don't know why someone would do this, other than to somehow write these codes down and enter them into their account without having to actually buy the product. I know there tends to be a lot of ethical gray area in regards to peelie coupons, but in my mind, this is just plain wrong. Peeling the reward codes from a product you did not purchase and entering them into your account sounds dangerously close to stealing to me. What's more, I feel bad for the poor person who actually does buy this product, only to find out they cannot get the rewards they are due because someone else has "stolen" them.

I sincerely hope it was not a Slavetosave reader who took these reward codes!

In my experience with couponing, I have found that you catch more flies with honey, and there is good karma associated with playing by the rules. Look at the past few weeks & months of drugstore deals -- there are plenty of ways to get very low prices, and often free items -- without being dishonest.

My mom always told me if she was going to be kept out of heaven for being dishonest, it wasn't going to be over a few pennies or dollars. I think that is some good advice to live by.

And with that, I'll step down from my soap-box for the evening. Good-night, and I wish you all happy, honest, good-karma-filled shopping this week!


Unknown said...

That is really sad! I agree - do things the right way and live by the golden rule and good things will happen to you! I love getting the huggies or pampers codes - my favorite is the katalina pampers codes that print out at smiths - but it is an honest way to get them or when you purchase an item. So, I am with you - honesty is the best policy!

Jamie said...

That is seriously horrible! I completely agree and am I firm believer that karma catches up with everybody. The cashiers laughed as I drug my hubby around on Monday as I followed the rules but at least I was being honest :)

Colleen said...

I thought they put all the codes on the inside of the package so you couldn't peel them off without buying and opening it! That is terrible! I had the same experience with the gillette. An employee there told me that they had a huge shipment, but hadn't put it on shelves yet. I never went back on Tuesday to find out. I hate it when they advertise stuff and then don't have ANY in stock! So frustrating!

Nikki said...

It's too bad Huggies doesn't put the rewards code inside the package like Pampers. Did you tell the store manager so they could watch for whoever did it?

Melissa and Allen said...

I saw that too. It makes me so mad! I wouldn't want to buy those wipes. They should have put the codes inside like they usually do since we live in such a dishonest world!

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