Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cinderella Cellfire Coupon in 1 Hour!

Reminder -- the Cinderella Cellfire coupon goes live in one hour -- at 1:00 PM MST!

This week's Cinderella coupon will be much higher value and there will be much less of them available! So remember to be logged on right at 1PM and go to this link:

What is a Cinderella Cellfire coupon?
It's a dollar-off coupon loaded onto your Smith's (or Kroger) store card valid on any purchase in the store (think free money!).

What if I'm not a member of Cellfire?
Join HERE -- it's free and can save you lots of money with little effort. The coupons loaded onto your store card come off automatically at checkout!


The Martin Family said...

Did it work for you? I tried right at 1 but the server was busy and by the time I got in, they were gone. Oh well. cellfire/smiths coupons have not been working. Today I did the brownie deal and the paper coupon worked but not the one I had saved to my fresh values card. Do they work for you?
I asked the cashier about it and he said a rude tone...
"You shouldn't complain about it, you just got a cart full of groceries for 40 bucks." Meanie!

Annalisa said...

What a rude cashier! I would contact cellfire about it via email, because it should have come off! I haven't done the brownie deal yet but I've never had trouble with it in the past.

As for the Cinderella coupon -- I got on at about 1:20 and was able to log in after a long while (the servers must have been getting slammed). I could see the coupon, which was $5 and I kept clicking "save to card" and it would sit there like it was saving it and thinking for forever, but it never would. Then it just suddenly disappeared. :( So no Cinderella coupon for me. :(

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