Friday, June 4, 2010

Cinderella Cellfire Promo at 4PM MST Today!

Cellfire is having an awesome promo for Smith's fresh values card holders! Simply be logged into Cellfire today at 4 PM and you will be able to load a money-off coupon onto your card, valid on any purchase! Some of these coupons may be as high as $10 off! Wow! But they will definitely go fast.

So when the clock strikes 4:00 PM today, go to this link (this is the only link that will take you to the coupon!):

How to join Cellfire:
If you're not a Cellfire user yet, join now HERE (it's free!). You will be able to load valuable e-coupons onto your Smith's card that come off automatically at the checkout stand. Plus you'll be all set to snag this great coupon at 4 PM today!

Update: Cellfire is having some glitches. The coupon has not been put up yet, so try to be patient while they work on it. Follow their updates in real time on twitter right now!

Update: The coupon is live as of 5:50 PM MST! It's $1 this week, but next week will be a higher value!


The Martin Family said...

Did it work for you?

Annalisa said...

They're having glitches! The coupon has not been put up yet, they're working to get it up as soon as possible. I'm following them on twitter to see the updates.

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