Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Smith's Shopping Trip

The Fort Union Smith's near me had a grand re-opening this morning. It's not usually the Smith's I visit on Wednesdays, but I figured I'd pop down there and check it out, since they had free breakfast fixings for the first 300 customers, and I needed to pick up a few things anyway.

Transaction #1:
$2.00 Quaker Instant Oatmeal x 5
$0.50 Libby Vegetables x 4
$0.95 Babyfood x 6
$0.34 Reese's Dark
$0.33 Reese's Dark
$2.50 Fiber One Yogurt
$1.56 Milk
$3.49 Lactaid
$2.19 Bread
$0.00 Smith's Eggs
$0.00 Kroger OJ, half gallon
$0.00 English Muffins
$0.00 Hormel Sausages
-$5 instant Quaker savings
-$1 shortcuts yogurt MFQ

-$1 Quaker MFQ x 4

-$0.75/6 Babyfood MFQ

-$0.55 Reese's MFQ x 2

-$2.50 Free Yogurt MFQ
= $17.16 + tax
(Saved $37.67 -- 68%)

Transaction #2:
$2.00 Captain Crunch x 5
-$5 instant savings
-$3/5 MFQ

= $2.00 + tax
(Saved $10.95 -- 84%)

The Quaker sale was fantastic, and the breakfast freebies were a great snatch as well. I love taking oatmeal to eat for breakfast on the days I work, and I've been out (shocking, I know) for a few weeks. But I just couldn't bring myself to pay full price because I knew they'd go on sale! I'm so glad I waited.

I made some homemade carrot babyfood last week to give to the Bambina. The night I tried to feed it to her, she had an absolute meltdown and hated it! She was screaming and arching her back and throwing a tantrum, which is so unlike her. I ended up sending Chris to the grocery store right that second while I calmed the girl down and waited for him to come back with some storebought. I don't know what her deal was, but we're going to stick with Gerber for a bit. So I had to pay for the real deal today, but at least I had a $0.75/6 coupon, lol.

The Smith's store itself was amazing, amazing, amazing. I hope they remodel all of the Smith's stores like that! If you're nearby, stop and check it out.

Total spent for April: $52.93
Total saved for April: $125.30 (70%)

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Alyssa said...

good job. I did the smiths deal..a couple of times that morning. i think i was there to early...5:30am to get the free deals ..:) oh well.. but yes the store is so beautiful. dido to that!

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