Sunday, January 24, 2010

Target Deals (1/24 - 1/30)

Target has changed their system for printable coupons -- they are now each able to be printed twice per computer. Bring a reusable bag and get $0.05 credit per bag at checkout!

Some people have reported finding catalina machines at their Target!!! Has anyone seen this in Utah yet?

{Print the Target coupon policy HERE.}

$8.99 Huggies Pure & Natural Diapers x 3
-$5 Target GC wyb 3
-$3 TQ HERE x 3
-$2.50 MFQ HERE x 3
= $1.82 each wyb 3

$8.99 Pampers Jumbo Pack Diapers x 3
-$5 Target GC wyb 3
-$2 MFQ (P&G 1/3) x 3
-$2 TQ (RP 1/3) (this was regional- buy on ebay)
= $3.32 each wyb 3

$22.49 Similac Advance Formula
-$5 Target GC wyb 2
-$3 MFQ (SS 12/13)
-$2 TQ (SS 11/15) (this was regional - buy on ebay)
= $14.99 each wyb 2

$2.00 Lean Cuisine Entrees x 8
-$1 TQ HERE x 8 (if you have access to 4 computers)
-$1/4 MFQ Lean Cuisine HERE x 2
-FREE Skinny Cow Ice Cream wyb 8
-$1 MFQ Skinny Cow HERE
= $5.00/8 + free Skinny Cow

$2.65 Laughing Cow or Babybel Cheese
-$1 MFQ (SS 1/10)
= $1.65

$2.79 Oscar Mayer Lunchmeat or Bacon
-$1/2 MFQ (SS 12/13)
= $2.29 each wyb 2

$2.49 Method Hand Soap
= $0.49

$3.00 Baked Lays Chips
= $2.00

$3.00 Hellmann's or Best Foods Mayo
-$0.75 MFQ HERE
= $2.25

$2.49 Hostess 100 Calorie Snack Packs
-$0.75 MFQ HERE
= $1.74

$2.49 M&M Bagged Candy x 6
-$1/3 TQ HERE x 2
-$1/2 MFQ (RP 1/10) x 3
= $1.66 each wyb 6

$0.60 Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup
-$1/4 MFQ (SS 1/10)
= $0.35 each wyb 4

$2.59 Kellogg's Cereals, select varieties
-$1.50/2 MFQ Mini Wheats HERE
= $1.84 each wyb 2

$2.50 Post-it Notes
-$1 MFQ (SS 1/10)
= $1.50

$5.49 Olay Regenerist Cleanser
-$3 MFQ (P&G 1/17)
= $2.49

$4.79 Infant Tylenol Drops
-$3/2 MFQ (RP 1/3)
= $3.29 each wyb 2

$2.29 Lysol Cleaners or Wipes
-$1/2 MFQ (SS 1/3) or HERE
= $1.79 each wyb 2

$2.50 Cascadian Farm Organic Granola x 2
-$1 MFQ HERE x 2
-$1/2 TQ HERE
= $1.00 each wyb 2

$0.58 Campbell's Cream of Mushroom Soup
-$1/4 MFQ HERE
= $0.33 each

$1.57 Rolaids, 3 pack
-$4/2 MFQ (RP 10/4)
= 2 FREE

Find more Target matchups at ATS!


Jilly said...

Hi! My name is Jill Henricksen, and I'm your sister-in-law Stacey's sister-in-law! (Erik's sister). I found your blog through George and Ashley Williams who are in my ward!! Anyways, I love this blog, and am excited to start saving! I was wondering if you could tell me what your "coupon lingo" is. What does the SS stand for, etc. I understand most of it, but not all. Also, when you are able to shop and have such a small bill, do you cook/prepare meals with what you buy, or do you plan what you want, and then hope for coupons that match up? Very curious! Thanks for the help, I appreciate it. You can e-mail me if you want.

Annalisa said...


Great questions! Here are a few lingo helps. :)

SS - smartsource coupon insert (sunday paper)
P&G - proctor & gamble coupon insert (sunday paper)
RP - redplum coupon insert (wednesday mail)
BOGO - buy one get one free
BOGO50% - buy one get one 50% off
MFQ - manufacturer's coupon
TQ - target coupon
FAR - free after rebate
wyb - when you buy

To answer your question about cooking -- I usually cook with what I buy. ( is a great resource for planning meals and finding recipes with ingredients you have on hand.) However, if you shop the sales with coupons and stock up on good deals, you will have items on hand to make what you want. Does that make sense?

For example, I've stocked up on cheap pasta noodles and pasta sauce during past sales. I've also got ground beef and shredded cheese in my freezer from when they were cheap. This week I decided I wanted to make 4 lasagne's (1 to eat, 3 to freeze). I already have everything I need on hand except for the perishable items. And for those, I'll try to find the lowest price and/or use a coupon.

I hope that makes sense!

Ally said...

Hey Annalisa!
I love reading your other blog and have just stumbled on this one. I know you're busy with your new sweet baby but I was wondering if you are planning to do any coupon classes anytime soon. I would love to get a handle on our weekly grocery spending and need some help.

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