Friday, August 14, 2009

Albies Kraft Deal

I went to Albies last night to try my hand at the $25 worth of free groceries from Kraft promo. I had no trouble getting the $5 catalina or the rebate to print at checkout. I followed the specified list HERE and made sure everything I purchased was listed. Additionally, my Albertson's had plenty of everything in stock, which was fantastic.

$2.50 Wheat thins
$2.50 Chips ahoy
$1.67 Cream Cheese x 2
$1.67 Kraft shreds x 2
$3.00 Kraft slices x 2
$6.00 CPK BBQ pizza
$0.49 Mac & Cheese x 4
-$1/2 MFQ Cheese (RP 8/9) x 2

-$1/2 MFQ Cream Cheese (RP 8/9)

-$5 catalina x 2 (from last week)
= $11.64 + tax
(Saved $36.18)

I spent ~$12 out of pocket and I've got another $5 catalina in my pocket, and a $20 rebate on the way. This is a great promo!

My husband loved it too because he got to have pizza and chips ahoy, which I don't usually splurge on. :)

Note: My albies had the shelf price of the wheat thins marked differently than the ad. I took it to the front and had them scan it to tell me the correct price. I was worried other things might be marked wrong as well (which they weren't), so I threw in an extra $0.49 Mac & Cheese box to make sure I would be well over the $25 mark. It would be a shame to fall short by a few pennies! Take a calculator with you to make sure you hit $25.

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