Friday, July 24, 2009

All You Grocery Challenge Progress

I went to Ream's last night for some last-minute barbecue supplies (happy Pioneer Day!). I'm in charge of chips and salsa for the festivities tonight.

Ream's$1.88 Lays chips
$1.88 Lays chips
$1.88 Lays chips
$1.95 Santitas chips
$1.95 Santitas chips
$0.78 Lemons
$0.87 Peaches
$1.94 Tomatoes
$0.29 Cilantro
$2.50 Ice Cream Sandwiches
$0.60 Twix
= $16.52 + $0.50 tax
(Saved $9.36 on the chips)

See the candybar and ice cream in there? This is why I usually try to leave my husband at home when I grocery shop. He totally throws me off!

Total spent for the week = $41.08
Total saved for the week = $62.34

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