Tuesday, July 21, 2009

All You Grocery Challenge Progress

I went to Sam's Club and Smith's yesterday to do a little grocery shopping for the week. Here's how I've fared so far.

Sam's Club
My membership is up in August, and a few weeks ago I got a coupon in the mail for a free $15 Sam's Club gift card if you renew before July 26th. I was planning on renewing anyway (we do it mainly for the gas) so I stopped in yesterday to renew and pick up my gift card.

$10.44 Pork Loin Roast
$2.96 Romaine Lettuce
$7.30 Hidden Valley Ranch Mix
-$15 gift card

$5.70 + $1.24 tax
(Saved $15.00)

When I hit up the mega savings event last week, my Smith's was all out of the Playtex gloves, which were a money-maker after coupon. Lucky for me, they were restocked last night! I also had a pleasant surprise on my receipt when two Shortcuts coupons came through on my Fresh Values Card for the yogurts I bought. I love it when I forget about those!

$2.99 Mission Tortillas
$.89 Bush's Beans x 2
$0.60 Yoplait x 2
$1.11 Smith's Eggs
$3.77 Deli Turkey
$1.25 Nectarines
$1.00 Lemons
$1.29 English Muffins
$1.32 Tomatillos
$0.69 Cilantro
$2.82 Tomatoes
$2.50 Wheat Bread
$1.00 Playtex Gloves x 8
$1.50 Rolaids x 2
-$5 Mega Savings
-$1 MFQ Tortillas
-$1 MFQ Playtex x 8
-$1 MFQ Rolaids x 2
-$0.60 Shortcuts Yoplait MFQ
-$0.40 Shortcuts Yoplait MFQ

$15.72 + $1.40 tax
(Saved $37.98 -- 70%!!)

I love how Smith's prints your percentage savings on the bottom of the receipt. It gives me warm fuzzies. :)

Total spent for the week = $24.06
Total saved for the week =

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