Wednesday, July 15, 2009

All You Grocery Challenge Progress

The All You Grocery Challenge has begun! How is everyone doing? I thought I'd give you an update on my spending so far. Remember I have $50 per week to spend since I have two (and a half) members in my household.

On Monday I went to Smith's to pick up a few items. (Forgot to take a picture!)

$3.29 Jif Peanut Butter
$1.00 Bounty Paper Towel
$1.29 Peaches
$1.98 Apples
$3.50 Morningstar Patties
$1.67 Hot Pockets
$3.00 Colby Jack sliced cheese
-$1 Bounty MFQ
= $14.73 + $0.51 tax
(Saved $3.25)

(I know the Bounty paper towels don't technically count towards the challenge, but since they ended up free after the coupon, I'll leave them in there.)

Yesterday I went by the Albies by my work on my way home. I wanted to pick up some Dial as well as some bagels, because we were running out. The dial was out of stock, so I grabbed a bag of bagels and headed to the self checkout.

When I got to self checkout, they rang up incorrectly so I called an associate over an
d after double-checking, he agreed they were ringing up incorrectly when they should be on sale. I said "so that means I get them for free, right?" He said "no, I'll just fix the price." I know Albies, Smith's and Walmart all have a scan-rite policy so I said "oh, well last time I was here they gave me the item free when it rang up incorrectly." He said, "oh, really? I'll go check." Sure enough, they had to give them to me free. It never hurts to ask!

$0.00 Sarah Lee Bagels (reg. $3.69)
= $0.00
(Saved $3.69)

I'm sort of in love with the Albies by my work, because their stuff always rings up wrong! I never go looking for mistakes, I just happen to love free food. :)

Total spent for the week = $15.24.
Total saved for the week = $6.94.

How is everyone else doing with their Grocery Challenge?

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