Friday, July 17, 2009

Walgreens Deals

I went to Walgreens yesterday to use the $5/25 coupon, and was hoping to find the OFF! Clip-on mosquito protection that's on sale this week (since pregnant people aren't supposed to put DEET on their skin). They were all out, but I ended up finding an OFF! Powerpad lantern on clearance (and I had a coupon for it). It will be perfect for the camping trip this weekend!

$7.19 OFF! Powerpad Lamp
$11.49 Coppertone Nutrashield
$11.49 Coppertone Nutrashield
-$5/25 WAGS Q
-$5 Nutrashield MFQ
-$5 Nutrashield MFQ
-$5 OFF! MFQ (from mailer)
= $10.17 + tax

(Saved $18.80 and got back a $10 RR)

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