Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wateroos Gift Card Deal

Buy four 6-packs of Wateroos at any retailer (only available at Babies R Us in Utah) and get a $10 gift card to that retailer!

At Babies R Us, the Wateroos are $3.49 each. However, this week they are BOGO50%. So if you buy four packs ($10.47) you'll only be paying $0.47 after the gift card! Additionally, there is a $5/25 Babies R Us coupon if you have other things you need to buy while you're there.

What are Wateroos?
All-natural flavored water-based juice boxes. The healthy alternative to high-calorie juices and drinks. Available in apple, berry, grape and original.

Rebate Info
Find the mailing form and address HERE. Don't forget to include your store receipt! Valid 6/21/09 through 7/21/09.

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