Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Monday Drugstore Deals

There were some good deals this week! I hit both Rite Aid and Walgreens yesterday. Here's how I fared:

Rite Aid

2 Zilactin @ $4.99 each
2 GE lightbulb @ $2 each
10 Soyjoy @ $0.50 each
1 Fructis @ $2.99
2 No Nonsense hose @ $5.29 each (BOGO)
-$5/25 RAQ
-$3 GE in-ad RAQ
-$3 Soyjoy MFQ (SS 1/4)
-$1 Fructis MFQ (tearpad on in-store display)
-$1.50 No Nonsense peelie MFQ
-$1.50 No Nonsense peelie MFQ
= $12.46 + tax (Plus I'll get back $17.97 SCR)

(3 transactions at different stores)

Transaction #1:
1 Venus Embrace Razor $8.99
-$2 Venus MFQ (P&G 2/8)
= $6.99 + tax (Plus I got back a $6 RR)

Transaction #2:
1 Wagreens Nutritional Drink $4
2 Theraflu $5 each
4 Reynolds foil $1.39 each
-$2 Therflu MFQ found HERE x 2
-$1 Foil MFQ (SS 2/8) x 4
-$0.50 in-ad foil coupon x 4 (to make each foil $0.89)
-$6 RR
= $3.56 + tax (Plus I'll get back $10 SCR)

Transaction #3:
1 Venus Embrace Razor $8.99
3 Reynolds Foil $1.39
-$2 MFQ Venus (P&G 2/8)
-$1 MFQ Foil (SS 2/8)
-$0.50 in-ad foil coupon x 3 (to make each foil $0.89)
= $6.66 + tax (Plus got back $6 RR)

Overall at Walgreens I spent $17.21 and I'll get back $10 in rebates, plus I've got a $6 RR in my pocket. And who doesn't love a new Venus razor, right?


Cami and Andy said...

Hey! Thanks for all the encouragement, I really think this way of shopping is so rewarding! I am always telling everyone on what crazy deals I have done already...But I totally need to pick your brain again. Do you just order extra newspaper inserts or do you just order the extra coupons from the sites? Also, when you are getting the coupons online and you say you need a bunch of computers to print them off, are you really doing that? ok that is enough for today, I'm sure there will be more later ;)

(Plus, you should see all the new cute clothes I got yesterday HAAHA)

Annalisa said...

Good questions!

I get 3 sets of coupon inserts per week (my newspaper, my mom's newspaper, my mother-in-law's newspaper). If I think they're good, I'll order more sets on ebay. If there's just one or two certain coupons I want more of, I'll order just those coupons either on ebay or from a clipping site (see the coupon FAQ section of Slavetsave). On average, I have between 5 and 10 inserts of any given week.

As far as the printable coupons go, I've got a work computer, a home computer, and 2 home laptops. If there's a really good coupon, I'll print it on all of those. If I need more than that, I'll ask coworkers or other family/friends to print them for me. But for most deals, I just use my work computer and my home computer.

I love the questions, keep 'em coming! :)

Stephanie said...

Hi! I just stumbled on your blog. Thanks for the mention of mine in your blog roll. :) Don't you just love Walgreens?! I got some very similar deals this week too! Great job!!

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