Monday, February 9, 2009

Last Week's Drugstore Deals

I didn’t get to Rite Aid until Friday and Saturday last week. It was such a busy week! Here are the details:

6 Contour Meters (to be donated)

2 Ziploc bags

Warm Delight

2 Q-tip travel packs

2 Almay Mascara ($3 SCR)

Johnson & Johnson take along pack

Polka-dot Notebook

Neutrogena Eye Shadow

Spent: $4.46 + $8.47 tax

Will get back: $26 in Rite Aid gift cards/rebates (and 2 free T-shirts)

I basically did 6 transactions, each consisting of a Contour meter and ~$5 worth of other stuff. Then I used the $5/20 coupon valid last Friday/Saturday, and the free Contour meter coupon, in order to have my total as close to zero as possible.

Total Spent for February: -$17.xx (yipee!)

Total Saved for February: $169.xx

I forgot to post my January totals last week:

Total spent for January: $96.xx ($67 of it was on THIS)

Total saved for January: $1352.xx

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