Friday, February 13, 2009

$0.06 per diaper!

Yesterday I went to Rite Aid and bought this:

$15.50 Pampers Mega Pack
$1.99 Loreal Trumatch foundation (clearanced) x 7
-$5/25 RAQ
-$2 Pampers MFQ (P&G Home Mailer)
-$3 Loreal Foundation MFQ x 7
= $1.98 + $1.85 tax

$0.06 per diaper for size 4's! It was a good day. :)

Total spent for February: -$10.09
Total saved for February: $269.xx


Cami and Andy said...

That seriously is ridiculous! Good Job!

Kristy said...

Where can one find the L'oreal mfq's?

Annalisa said...

The $3 Loreal coupons were found in RP 1/4/09. Hope that helps!

Kristy said...

Thanks so much Annalisa!

Nikki said...

Can you help me get diapers that cheap? Like, walk me through it step by step because I just. don't. get. it. Really, I don't.

Annalisa said...

Nikki, I sent you an email! :)

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