Sunday, November 27, 2011

One More FANTASTIC Photo Card Deal

If you haven't yet ordered your photo cards for the year, here is one more great deal for you! is having a 70% off sale this week (through Friday). When you enter code BLACKFRI at checkout, you will get free shipping and free stamped & mailed cards. (As in, you type in your addresses and they do all the work for you!)

I needed just a few more cards to complete my list this year, so I just placed an order for 6 cards and typed in the addresses. The total normally would have come to $10.14 + the cost of stamps. When I used the above code, my total came to $3.04 and they'll be mailing my cards for me!

That comes to only $0.51 per card, which includes a $0.44 stamp. Yeehaw!

Your price gets lower and lower the higher your quantity as well, and I've heard rumors of people ordering 50-100 cards at a time and getting them mailed for less than the cost of the postage. Definitely worth checking out!

EDIT: It looks like they ended this promotion early! But if you're ordering today (12/1/11), you can still get 60% off and free stamps & shipping when you use code CSSAVE605 at checkout!


Dasha said...

I was super excited about this deal, but then I used the promo code and it didn't work! Are you sure it was good through this Friday?

Annalisa said...

It looks like they ended the 70% off deal early and now it's a different code for 60% off (but still free shipping & stamps). Try using code CSSAVE605 (11/30 only).

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