Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Drugstore Deals

It felt good to be back in the groove again this morning! I stopped by Rite Aid to grab some Halloween candy and a few other odds & ends.

$2.50 Kit Kat's x 4
$2.50 Reese's x 2
$2.99 Crest Complete
$1.49 Blistex
$1.00 Saline Soothers
$1.01 Revlon Emery Boards
-$1.50/3 Candy MFQ (SS 10/16) x 2
-$1/2 Kit Kat October Video Values Coupon
-$1/2 Reese's October Video Values Coupon
-$0.50 Saline Soothers MFQ HERE
-$2 Crest MFQ (SS 9/11)
-$1.00 Revlon MFQ (SS 7/31)
-$2 +UP Reward (previous)
-$2 +UP Reward (previous)
= $8.99 + tax
(And I got back $10 in +UP Rewards and $1 SCR)

If any of you are looking to boost your wellness points before the end of the year (I'm only at 639, so I know I am), buying the free after SCR and free after +UP items is a good way to do that -- so this week is a good time. If you hit 1000 points before December 31st you'll snag a 20% off discount on your Wellness card for all of 2012!

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