Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Emergency Essentials Food Storage Analyzer Review (and $30 in free gift cards for bloggers!)

Chalk it up to my current nesting tendencies, but lately I've been feeling a really strong need to get our family's food storage in order. I feel like just yesterday we were a family of two and now we're about to be a family of four! Yikes! How did that even happen?

It made me start thinking about first making sure our 72-hour kits were in order (which they weren't), and then start evaluating our food storage situation. I ordered freeze-dried 72-hour kits for my birthday present this year, and then began taking inventory of how much wheat, oats, water, etc I have stored in our basement.

Emergency Essentials has a cool (free) online tool to help you evaluate your food storage needs. It lets you input how many people are in your family, including their ages, and spits out how many calories you will need daily to feed your family during an emergency. So smart! I love this feature for families with kids, because their diets can be hard to estimate.

Then it takes you to a page where you can input what food storage you already have, and what you plan to buy. As you do this, the results chart in the sidebar updates how many days of food storage you will have for your family, based on the recommended calories for your family size. It also has a nutrition chart showing what nutrients you're getting from the food you've inputted so you can see where you're lacking. So cool!

Sometimes planning your food storage can seem overwhelming, but I really liked the use of this tool. Go try it out HERE and see what you think!

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