Friday, July 1, 2011

Walgreens Rebates Are Back!

Back in the day, Walgreens used to have an online rebate system, just like Rite Aid. You simply purchased the qualifying item, and then entered your receipt information online. When you requested your rebate, the check appeared in your mail a few weeks later. They discontinued this system when they began ramping up the Register Reward program bigtime.

Well I'm happy to say that Walgreens rebates are back! They are definitely starting slow, because there are only 3 rebates for July -- but I'm confident the offers will pick up with time. The best part of the Walgreens rebate system is the ability to request your rebate in the form of a walgreens gift card, with an added 10% bonus on it! Sweet!

Check out this month's rebate offers HERE, and keep your eyes open for what next month has in store! Way to go, Walgreens!

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