Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Monday Drugstore Deals

In between our breakfast party, lunch party and dinner parties on Monday, I still managed to run to Rite Aid and grab a few things! Tide Stain release is a staple at our house, because it works so well on baby/children clothing with food & other stains. So I had to grab more while it was on sale.

$6 Tide Stain Release x 5
$4.99 Crest Rinse
-$3/15 RAQ
-$3 Tide MFQ (P&G 6/5) x 4
-$1.50 Tide MFQ (P&G 7/3)
-$2 Crest MFQ (P&G 6/5)
= $16.49 + tax
(And I got back a $10 +UP Reward and $4.50 SCR == $2.00 total cost.)

I remembered when I was clipping my coupons Monday morning that you can only use 4 like P&G coupons per transaction (due to the wording written on them), so I used four of the $3 MFQ's and one of the $1.50 MFQ, in order to play by the rules. It still turned out to be a fantastic transaction, and now I'm stocked up on stain remover for a good long while!

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