Monday, July 25, 2011

$5 Coupon Code = Free Deals!

Right now at Citydeals you can use coupon code RODEO to get $5 off any deal sitewide! (I don't know when this coupon code ends, so use it quick if you plan to use it.)

If you check out the "print at home" section, there are many deals priced at $5, so you can score a deal there for free after the coupon!

I just bought a $10 certificate to The Sunset Boulevard Cafe in Holladay for free! (It's super yummy, can't wait to go back.)


featurecoupon said...

I use this RODEO coupon code at citydealscom site and really enjoy to save 5$ on my purchase at this store. This is such a great deal to me.

coupon code

mattnatehoff said...

Holy Shnikeys. Nice discount. I'm totally going to rodeo my way to citydeals and snag some delicious deals. Thanks for the heads up. I might combine some coupons from BigTip as well. Double the savings.

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