Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How To Save On Hotels

As you know, the hubby and I went on a cruise a few weeks ago. We needed to book a hotel in Florida the night before, but we didn't want to break the bank. Here's how we did it:

1. We used hotwire.com to find a hotel stay at a deep discount. This site allows you to search for the geographic area you're looking for, as well as star ratings and amenities. It does not, however, give you the name of the hotel. Sound scary? Maybe. That's where the next part comes in...

2. Once we located a hotel of interest on Hotwire, we hopped over to betterbidding.com. The people at this site have compiled a list of hotwire hotels and matched their geographic area with the hotel amenities and star ratings. Why? Because they are able to decode which hotel is which, before you buy! It's pretty sweet. And if you have trouble, they are super helpful if you ask.

3. We then checked reviews of the hotel on tripadvisor.com, to make sure it was clean, etc. (Since we were going for cheap, and you never know what you might be getting for $40.)

4. Everything looked good and the reviews were positive, so we went ahead and booked our hotel stay through Hotwire, and it was in fact the hotel that Betterbidding told us it would be. Hooray!

We ended up getting staying at a Comfort Inn & Suites for $40 in Florida, and it was great. I highly recommend going this route if you're looking for a cheap hotel for any sort of vacation! We've had great experiences every time we've done this, and we'll continue to do it in the future.

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