Thursday, September 2, 2010

NEW! Rite Aid Prescriptions For Education

From Rite Aid's website....

"This fall, Rite Aid is partnering with Just Between Friends to provide an extensive PTA fundraising program that benefits both Rite Aid customers and their local PTA chapters.

With the Rite Aid Prescriptions for Education program, every time you, a friend, neighbor or family member transfers a prescription to Rite Aid with a coupon provided by your PTA, they’ll get a $20 gift card for themselves, plus Rite Aid will make a $5 contribution to their PTA unit.

It is an exciting program that gets your community invested in raising money for your PTA, while rewarding you.

If you are a leader of a PTA organization, a PTA parent, or are simply interested in more information about the program, please visit Just Between Friends for more information on getting your PTA started.

Get your PTA involved immediately in this unique fundraising opportunity for your school community!"

LINK to more info

Sounds like a nice little program to help earn money for your local school!

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