Thursday, August 12, 2010

Smith's Shopping Trip

I stopped by Smith's this morning to pick up my regular weekly groceries plus get in on some of the great mega deals this week!

I won't give you the whole rundown on what I bought, because you can see most of these deals on the Smith's post for the week. The only deals I got in on that weren't listed were:
  • Smart Ones (part of Mega promo, plus I had some $0.50 mailer coupons)
  • Healthy Balance Juice (I had a BOGO and a free MFQ)
  • Tostitos (part of the Mega promo plus I had a $1 smiths Q)
  • Hamburger Helper (part of Mega promo, plus I had a MFQ and a smith's Q)

Before coupons my total was over $112, and after coupons my total was $41.40 + tax.

Then I got back a $3 and a $3.50 catalina (for Nature Valley and Betty Crocker fruit snacks), which brings my total down to effectively $34.90, and my percent savings down to 68%. Wahoo!


Ashley Poulsen said...

Okay, i don't know what my issues is. I just can not get my groceries down this much! NICE WORK!

Annalisa said...


Try using the Grocery Smarts list linked at the top of the post. I've found it helps me to look at it because it shows me the final price in the far right hand column.

Hope that helps!

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