Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Rite Aid: Game of Life (ends 2/23)

Has everyone else been collecting the Game of Life pieces when they shop at Rite Aid? You get a game piece for each transaction, and bonus pieces for buying certain items each week. Plus there are coupons or instant-wins attached to each set of pieces. You can win cash, gift cards, cars, kitchen makeovers, or a home mortgage pay-off by collecting all the pieces in each set.

It was a little overwhelming at first, because I shop at Rite Aid so much and I came away with so many pieces I didn't know were good or not. I've sorted through them, and now I've got my board completely filled out (except for the rare pieces) and an entire ziploc bag full of the extras.

Here's a little bit of help for those of you playing the game -- this is a list of the rare pieces. If you get one of these, don't throw it away!

$250,000 Mortgage Payoff
rare: 1 and 6

2010 G37 Infiniti Convertible
rare: 8 and 11

$25,000 Mega Kitchen Makeover
rare: 14 and 15

$10,000 Room Makeover
rare: 18 and 20

$5,000 Cash
rare: 22 and 23

$1,000 Cash
rare: 26

Wii System
rare: 29

$250 Rite Aid Gift Card
rare: 35

$100 Rite Aid Gift Card
rare: 39

$50 Cash
rare: 42

$50 Rite Aid Gift Card
rare: 46

$20 Cash
rare: 47

$20 Rite Aid Gift Card
rare: 52

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