Monday, June 8, 2009

Saturday's Savings

On Saturday morning I got up early to run some errands while hubby was busy. I hit up 4 stores and got a lot done! It was nice to finally feel good enough in the morning to get things done.


4 Nutrigrain Bars $10
-$1/2 peelie
-$1/2 peelie
= $8.00 + tax (and I got back $3 RR)

Rite Aid

$10.99 Prenatal Vitamins
$9.99 Maybelline Mascaras x 3
$2.49 Tiny Diner placemat
$0.63 Extra Gum
-$5/25 RAQ
= $19.11 + tax (And I'll get back $5 SCR)

Keep your eye out for lots of baby clearance at your Rite Aid. Man
y bottle/feeding/toy accessories were marked 50% off. This placemat was marked 50% off but rang up at 75% off and I didn't notice until I got home! That's why my total was low and I had to throw in a pack of gum at the register.


$1.99 Kraft Mayo x 5
$1.00 Squishy ball (for a primary prop)
-$1 TQ x 5
-$1 MFQ x 5
= $0.95 + tax


Transaction #1:
$1 Propel x 4
$0 Propel free (buy4g1)
$2.50 Country Time x 4
$1.50 Life Cereal
-$0.55 propel MFQ x 5
-$1.50 Country Time MFQ x 2
-$3 instant savings
-$3 double coupons
= $3.74 + tax (and got back $1 catalina)

Transaction #2:
$1.50 Cap'n Crunch x 2
$1.50 Ground Turkey x 2
-$1 catalina (from previous)
= $4.98

The self-checkout supervisor came up to me at checkout and told me about the B4G1 Propel deal, and she had all the $0.55 MFQ's for me. So I ended up getting 5 Propel's for $1.25. Great deal! Also, for being a guinea pig, she doubled my coupons at $3 instead of $2.55, which was nice of her. I only got back one $1 catalina, even though I should have gotten two, but oh well!

I was planning on using my $3 RR from Walgreens at Albies, but the checkout supervisor told me they no longer accept competitor's catalinas. :( Sad day.

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Melissa Henning said...

holy cow! those tiny diners are like $20 at babies are us. We absolutely loved that thing when Logan got old enough to eat out. Definite keeper for you! When he got old enough to know that the food in the little catcher thing shot in the air when he pushed it down (like a sling shot), I took scissors and cut it off. We used it for almost 2 years (kept it at the bottom of my purse). Great find (of course w/ all of the other stuff lol)!

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