Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Monday Drugstore Deals

I went to Rite Aid Monday morning but skipped out on Walgreens because I didn't need anything there. Some people have been asking me for a little more detail on how my drugstore runs work, so here's what I got....with a little more detail.

(Don't mind the crockpot and rice cooker on the counter from Monday's dinner.)

$19.99 Onetouch Ultra Mini Glucose Monitor (to be donated)
$2.00 GE lightbulbs
$2.49 Skintimate shave gel
$2.49 Skintimate shave gel
$0.99 Softsoap
$0.99 Softsoap
= $28.95

Coupons Used
$5 off $25 Rite Aid purchase coupon
$19.99 Onetouch Ultra Mini Glucose coupon (V 1/4/09)
$1.50 in-ad skintimate Rite Aid Coupon
$1.50 in-ad skintimate Rite Aid Coupon
$0.35 softsoap coupon (SS 1/4/09)
$0.35 softsoap coupon (SS 1/4/09)
= $1.98 + tax

And I'll get back a $2 SCR for the lightbulbs. Savings this trip: $34.98.

Total spent this month: $110.89
Total saved this month: $1065.88

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Ali said...

I love this blog. My husband wants me to be like you. I know it. If I lived near by, my kids and I would be tagging along on each of your errands.

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