Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Monday Drugstore Deals

I only hit up Rite Aid yesterday because I didn't need anything at Walgreens. All of their Christmas items went to 90% off yesterday, so I stocked up for next year! Here is what I got:

2 bags of sparkly bows
8 spools of curling ribbon
5 packs of festive tissue paper
1 cute stripey gift wrap roll
1 mini bow set
1 Hannah Montanna gift tag
3 festive gift bags
1 white 7-pk gift box set
1 Glucose Meter

Total: $0.21 + tax after coupons

(Later in the day I bought some tupperware at Smith's to store all this in until next year!)

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Jessica said...

Hi Annalisa. Don't think I'm creepy but I found your blog through the Demill's and I love reading about your deals! It is inspiring! How do you do it???
PS-I do kinda know your family, so hopefully you don't think I'm totally weird. I went to school with Nate and Brooke and hung out at your house alot during high school.

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