Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Drugstore Deals

I hit Rite Aid bright and early this morning to pick up some cheap diapers. I had planned on buying 4 Little Snugglers and 4 Slip-Ons, but unfortunately my Rite Aid didn't have the Slip-Ons, so I had to modify my plans a bit. Here's what I did:

Transaction #1:

$9.99 Huggies Supreme x 4
-$1.50 MFQ (SS 9/11) x 4
-$1 September Video Values coupon
= $32.96 + tax
(And I got back a $10 +UP Reward.)

Transaction #2:

$18.39 Prevacid 24 Hour
$2.99 Crest
$2.99 Crest
-$4 Prevacid MFQ (SS 9/11)
-$1 Crest MFQ (P&G 8/28) x 2
-$10 +UP Reward (from transaction #1)
= $8.37 + tax
(And I got back $4 +UP Rewards, and I'll get back a $3 SCR and $15.99 MIR.)

Overall I spent $41.33 + tax out of pocket, but after rebates and +UP Rewards, I spent a net of $18.34. That comes to about $0.12/diaper if you consider the toothpaste and Prevacid free. Plus I'm about two dollars away from my Oral Care +UP!

Side note:
I ran to another Rite Aid nearby to see if they might have the Slip-Ons, but they didn't either. I came in the door to find a mother-daughter coupon pair at the checkout who had cleaned every last Huggies pack from the shelves. They had at least 3 carts full! It's so sad when a few people abuse the system and it prevents others from snagging good deals. :(


Jess said...

Amen! I just got back from Rite Aid and the cashier told me a lady came in this morning with her husband and they both had welness cards and each did the $70 Kimberly Clark thing just for diapers!

Kristen said...

I know exactly how you feel! There are 2 women in Ogden who clear the shelves of the deals on Monday morning right when they open. Pathetic and inconsiderate!

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