Saturday, December 4, 2010

My Black Friday Escapades & Catch Up!

Can you tell we've been busy around here? Wow. I've had some crazy deadlines at work lately, and ended up going into the office an extra day this week. Yikes. Let's play some catch up...

On Black Friday I decided to stay home! Shocker, right? There wasn't anything big that I needed, and I knew I'd spend money if I went somewhere, so I stayed home that morning, and then went to Rite Aid at 8:30 AM. It was a great way to get a shopping fix without spending much at all.

I spent $4.40 + tax out of pocket, and I got back $9.98 SCR and a bunch of +UP Rewards. Rite Aid technically paid me to shop there this year. Wahoo!

I did do a little bit of online shopping on Black Friday. I bought a sleep sack for The Bambina in the next size up, that was half off at Amazon that day. And I bought myself another pair of jeggings from (The most comfortable pants in the world!)

The next Monday (Cyber Monday), I went to Rite Aid for some deals and stayed away from the computer all day! (Go, me.)

I spent $1.29 + tax and got back $10 +UP Rewards. Wahoo!

So my overall Black Friday/Cyber Monday experience was super easy on the pocket book. :)

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