Monday, March 15, 2010

Winco Shopping Trip

$4.98 Pork Sirloin Roast
$5.31 Pork Sirloin Roast
$1.98 Eggs, 18 large
$1.69 Butter
$1.69 Butter
$1.28 Kellogg's Fruit Snack
$1.28 Kellogg's Fruit Snack
$2.78 Oreo Cakesters
$2.98 Double Stuff Oreos
$1.97 Wonder Bread
-$2.78 FREE Cakesters wyb Oreo MFQ (tearpad)
-$1.97 FREE Wonderbread MFQ (home mailer)
-$1.00 Kellogg's fruit snack printable x 2
= $18.99 + tax
(Saved $6.95 -- 27%)

This was my first time venturing to Winco, and I have to say I sort of liked it! It's vaguely ware-house looking inside, but let's be honest -- I'll shop anywhere (including Walmart!) if it'll get me a better deal. They don't take credit cards but they do take debit cards and checks.

Some of their prices weren't any lower than other regular stores (like the butter, the cookies, the eggs, etc.), but their fruit snack prices were good (especially with coupon!) and their pork sirloin prices were amazing! Sam's and Costco usually have pork sirloin roasts for ~$2.50/lb. Winco had them for $1.38/lb!!! I went there specifically for this, to buy a few to stock the freezer with. If I had more room in my budget this month I'd go back and buy a few more! We're sooooo having homemade Cafe Rio for dinner this week!

Has anyone else been to Winco? Anything you liked or didn't like?


Alyssa said...

we go to Winco at least once a week. like you said good deals with coupons and the meats. my husbands favorite is the donuts. :) to bad no coupons :(

Missy said...

I have had Winco withdrawals since moving back here from Portland. I'm so thrilled they've come. I love the bulk section! I buy spices, nuts, dried fruits, rices and noodles (their whole wheat macaroni is good). They always have a good deal on seafood. I also love Tillamook sour cream, yogurt, and ICE CREAM! Peanut butter chocolate is my favorite. The delis usually has something good on sale. Winco produce in season is usually very reasonably priced, I buy their bagels and dutch crunch rolls in the bakery.

Missy said...

deli, that is.

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