Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hair Coverings Winner! And Flat Iron Winner!

The winner of the Hair Coverings giveaway is...

Megan said... 40

I've also entered the SwaddleDesigns giveraway!

supermegs28 at yahoo dot com

The winner of the Hana 1" Professional Flat Iron is...

Dasha said... 27

I follow this blog.


Thanks to all those who entered! Don't forget to enter the SwaddleDesigns zzZipMe Sack giveaway!


Jenny V. said...

Shouldn't the Hana flat iron giveaway also be closed? The date for closing is March 22.

Annalisa said...

Ha ha! Yes, you're right. I just had a "moment." Sorry! I'll close that one right now too.

Thanks for setting me straight!

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